Tips for Remodeling and Decorating Kids Rooms in Your Home

Oct 16, 2022

Tips for Remodeling and Decorating Kids Rooms in Your Home

by Jessica Russo

As Nest agents, we’ve seen more than our fair share of kid’s bedrooms—from our own children and those of our clients. Let us share a few of the top tricks and tips we’ve seen and learned over the years for remodeling or decorating kids rooms in your home!


// establish a color palette or overall theme 

Talk to your kiddo and find out how they want their room to feel. Do they want a bright rainbow of a creative inspiration, or a calming space to call their own after a stimulating day at school? What do you think will serve them best at their current age? Based on that, choose an overall color palette or vibe—stars, stripes, magical, rainbow, forest, outer-space, etc.

Kids Room - Rainbow

In general, we tend to avoid choosing characters as a theme. Because tastes and trends for kids change quickly, instead of covering the walls in Paw Patrol characters, lean on patterns and colors that are a bit more resilient, and adjust the “theme” with pillows and covers and puffs as their taste evolves.

// don’t forget the “fifth wall”

Adding elements to the ceiling is a playful and fun way to elevate a kids room. Twinkle lights, fabric swags or canopies, glowing star stickers. Be playful and have fun. It doesn’t take up floor space and there are many different DIY ideas to make the ceiling fun—you can even let the child participate and help decide how you craft it and bring it together.

Decorating Kids Rooms

// lighting

As with every room, lighting plays an important role in setting the tone. You’ll likely already have a bright overhead light for daytime play, so try adding a table lamp or floor lamp for calmer nighttime activities like reading, storytelling, and snuggling.

Nightlights with integrated noise machines are always great. (Though we don’t recommend putting them in the the bed with your kiddo!). Many of these lights are now app compatible, allowing you to change the sounds and colors at specified times. This is super handy for teaching the kids when it’s okay to wake up, play, and come out of their rooms in the mornings.

// storage + organization

Take storage and organization into consideration from the beginning. Kid’s toys somehow seem to magically multiply, so starting out with ample room to keep everything somewhat organized will allow you and them to keep their rooms tidy.

Kids Room - Cubbies

We like cubbies, baskets, and bins. Try labeling or color coding—a green tub for legos, a blue tub for things with wheels, a red tub for dollies. This way, kids can more easily help keep things picked up themselves.

// establishing zones

Setting up various areas may help the room from feeling chaotic. Depending on what your kid gravitates towards, set up zones for reading, crafts, toys, music, or costumes/dress up. We also love to create one cozy space for reading, daydreaming, and snuggling.

If your child is school age, a desk and chair is always useful.


// personalize

As our small humans are developing their own personalities and deciding they want to be in the world, it’s important to allow them a space to claim as their own. A cork board is a great place for them to display their artwork, notes from friends, or draw their name. Drape strings or lights across a wall to display phots or keepsakes.

Kids Room Photos

// trundle beds

A great space saving technique that’s perfect for sleepovers are trundle beds. We love the style and affordability of this Twin Bright Pop Metal Trundle Bed from Target.


Swapping out an accent pillow or two on a bed can elevate the overall style and help transition the room into a tween or teen room.

Decorating Kids Rooms


// paint is great

Paint is an affordable and fun way to transform a room. You can paint one wall, all of them, even the ceiling! And best yet, when it’s time to move, a quick coat of white paint can bring the room back to neutral for resale.

Decorating Kids Rooms

// removable wallpaper and decals

The world of removable wallpaper and decals has exploded. The quality is much higher than it used to be, and relatively affordable. These new papers also come off without damaging the wall beneath. This is ideal not just for resale, but if your kiddo decides to change up their style, it won’t break the bank.

Decorating Kids Rooms

What are other ways you’ve decorated your kiddos rooms? We’d love to hear about it! Or better yet, tag us on social @nestrealty!